Feature request: changed selection handling for containers

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Feature request: changed selection handling for containers

Postby KeeperOfTheSoul » Wed Aug 13, 2008 2:23 pm

Selecting multiple items such as classes using the selection rectange doesn't work when the classes are in a package, as this also moves the package.

This means I tend to create all the classes in the main diagram, then drag them into the container once they are layed out.

The same problem occures with other container types, such as trying to select multiple messages on a sequence diagram also selects the lifeline.

Such container items should behave more like a diagram when using the selection rectangle and should have hotspots for selecting the container itself (i.e. the lifelines should use the rectangular box at the top of the lifeline).

Single click handling for selection should remain unchanged though, so single clicking on a lifeline should still select the lifeline.

Click and drag might need to be altered slightly to differentiate between draging the item or using a selection rectangle. Either by using a modifier key such as shift or acting as a drag if the item is already selected, otherwise acting as a selection rectangle.
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