Feature request: Improve navigation in property editor

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Feature request: Improve navigation in property editor

Postby KeeperOfTheSoul » Wed Aug 13, 2008 1:21 pm

Currently editing properties via the property editor can be a bit cumbersome as most of the time is spent just navigating things.

E.g. If you select a class on a diagram, to alter one of its method's return type you first have to double click the method, then double click the property, change the return type, then go back and repeat to edit the next method.

To make this interaction smoother I propose the following.

Selected item - The currently selected item from a diagram, package tree etc.
Current item - The currently selected item in the properties window.

The property tree will continue to work as it currently does, with the root of the tree consisting of the selected item.

When changing the selected item, the current item will change to match the new selected item.

Changing the selected item will continue to work as it currently does, e.g. selecting something in a diagram, package tree, double click something in the property tree, etc.

The property editor to the right of the tree will show the properties for the currently item rather than the selected item.

Need to add new property editors for some of the tree nodes, such as selecting the “attributesâ€
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Postby [gw] Andrey Dekhtyar » Tue May 26, 2009 12:06 pm


Thanks a lot for your message, we will consider this suggestion in next version of Poseidon

Kind regards
Andrey Dekhtyar
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