Strange behaviour of Poseidon 4.0

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Strange behaviour of Poseidon 4.0

Postby MikaK » Wed Mar 15, 2006 12:31 pm

We have been using Poseidon in our three person developer team for a few weeks, and would like to report a couple of bugs or strange behaviour.

We have used the register-functionality of Poseidon to register the license as instructed. Normally the license manager shows that the license is valid and there is no expiration date. However, sometimes Poseidon seems to lose the registration information. When starting the program, it pops up the license manager and shows an invalid license. After this we have to make the registration again using the serial key.

When saving the project files directly to network directory, Poseideon generates the backup files into strange subdirectories. An example: I save the project to Windows network directory \\srfil01\home\Mika\Poseideon Projects\UML\Model.zuml. When I save the project again, the backup file is generated in \\srfil01\home\Mika\Poseideon%20Projects\UML\Model.zuml, not in the same subdirectory like it should. Depending on the directory hierarcy, also the backup filename itself can be corrupted. If I map the network directory in Windows into network drive, this problem does not exist.

We have noticed once or twice, that a documentation of the element is duplicated to another element. For example a documentation of one class is duplicated to another class. This is quite annoying, if it happens again.

4. Poseidon seems to sometimes lose the look and feel setting (in appearance settings). If I change look and feel to 'Windows', after a while it may change back to default value (Poseidon Alloy).

Anyone else having the same problems?

Our system:
Java 1.5.0_05
Poseidon Standard Edition 4.0.1-0
Mika Kymäläinen
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