Classes from different packages on one diagram

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Classes from different packages on one diagram

Postby Guest » Fri Nov 03, 2006 11:50 am


I was a bit disapointed when trying out Appollo : it does not allow to represent on a diagram elements from another package.
For example, my project has an interfaces package that groups interfaces implemented in various manners by other packages. I cannot show/display on the implementation packages the interfaces they realize. Note that I cannot move the interface definitions to the package, there are several packages implementing the same interface.

I noticed in the "client dependencies" of the properties that the engine has analyzed the fact a class implments interfaces from another package, but no visual support to show these...

Another related question : The annex of the user manual (glossary) shows packages, components, required interfaces etc...from UML 2
Are these available in the tool or not ? I cannot find how to add these to a diagram.

I was hoping to have a global diagram for the project with the packages and dependencies between them, but the main diagram (for the "src" folder) is empty.


Re: Classes from different packages on one diagram

Postby [gw] Stefan Haensgen » Fri Nov 03, 2006 12:24 pm


in the first version of Apollo we have only so called canonical diagrams, that means you can only show the content of one package in one diagram. In the future we will also allow non-canonical diagrams, so that you can show the content of several packages in one diagram.
When you select the src folder and open a diagram, you'll the content of your src folder, i.e. all elements of the "default package".

In the glossary you find a set of important UML elements. With the current Apollo release we provide only tools for class diagrams.

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