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SQL Update

Postby strutwatson » Tue Jan 05, 2010 12:50 pm

I'm running into a bit of a difficulty when attempting to update rows of data with large amounts of text(i.e. several pages). I can override this by editing the rows manually via the MySQL CP, but that doesn't suit my purposes. Obviously the table isn't having difficulty storing the text. It has something to do with the UPDATE limit.

I could understand if I was attempting to upload a 1MB+ file into a single row, but the text file (notepad -- not Word) is only 13kb, which, like I stated, translates to several pages. Originally I suspected my succinct, little PHP script of being the culprit, but it updates other pages with shorter text just fine.


* MySQL limit I've never been acquainted with (not surprising. Was never one to read too methodically. Terrible shortcoming of mine..)
* Web Host enforced a limit for the sake of preventing the server from being overloaded by a third party script (I doubt it, but possible I suppose)
* This server and/or software was installed and managed by my ex, who, isn't exactly too thrilled with me right now. (makes most sense, right? lol)

Any suggestions would be appreciated. If I'm suffering from duh-der-itus and missed a flagrant, in-your-face mistake, feel free to express your dislike for my poor researching habits accordingly; so long as it's coupled with some help.

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