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AndroMDA plug-in released

Postby [gw] Jesco von Voss » Wed Dec 17, 2003 11:54 am

Hi all,

Matthias Bohlen, the inventor of the AndroMDA framework, and his team have released the AndroMDA plug-in for Poseidon for UML. It offers integration between your AndroMDA installation and your Poseidon installation for more efficient software development with the Model Driven Architecture approach.

The plug-in allows you to specify stereotypes and tagged values that are quickly distributed over all elements in the UML model, and can start your ant task to build and deploy your solution based on the UML model that you are just working on. Switching to a console to start ant is obsolete, and the direct connection between Poseidon and AndroMDA speeds up the generation process dramatically.

More information, evaluation keys and purchase for the AndroMDA plug-in are available through Gentleware's web site at ... /fMDA.php4.

Best regards,
Jesco von Voss
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