Poseidon 2.1.1 released - change log

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Poseidon 2.1.1 released - change log

Postby [gw] Jesco von Voss » Fri Nov 14, 2003 4:06 pm

Hi all,

Poseidon 2.1.1 is available since yesterday from our website. This is what we changed for Poseidon 2.1.1:

- Fixed one problem where some Poseidon 2.0.x projects could not be opened with 2.1.
- Handled one case where project conversion from Poseidon 1.x did not work (related to ObjectFlowStates).
- Simplified Chinese: Most problems were resolved, so now this language is available.
- C# code generation now also prints the "permission" javadoc tag at operations (when set).
- Creating attributes now also works when "Automatically create accessor methods" is set.
- The code generation dialog shows the language to generate in the window title.
- Installers: link to the Forum corrected.

This list will also appear at http://www.gentleware.com/products/change_log.php4.

Again, the update is for free to all who purchased a 2.x license. The same will apply for version 2.2.

Jesco von Voss
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