Feedback on Poseidon for UML 8.0 Community Edition

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Feedback on Poseidon for UML 8.0 Community Edition

Postby sschwarzer » Mon Sep 20, 2010 4:08 pm

I've downloaded the Poseidon 8.0.0 Community Edition and tested it with a monthly subscription license under Ubuntu Linux 10.04. Here's my evaluation:

- I like the simpler interface compared to former versions. This made me try this version in the first place.

- It's possible to show a grid, but I miss a "snap to grid" option.

- I found no way to make the alignment function in the context menu work. The menu item seems to always be grayed out. At least one of (the yet hypothetical) "snap to grid" or "align" functions should work.

- It took me several attempts to find a way to add parameters to a method in a class diagram (even though in hindsight it seems obvious). I had expected to have an "add" context menu items on methods. However, I found no way to show the parameters and their types permanently; all I see is an ellipsis (e.g. "method(...) : void") inside the brackets. This doesn't change if I enlarge the class box horizontally. This behavior makes it impossible to show or print a class diagram with the complete method signatures.

- There are _two_ drop-down lists for the return type of a method in its properties pane.

- It's cumbersome to use return types that aren't in the default drop-down lists. This applies to types like list, tuple or dict in Python, for example. My workaround so far has been to add a class diagram and adding the types there, so they appear in the drop-down list of the return type.

- I dearly miss a link to an informative handbook (installed or on the web) in the help menu.

- It would be great to have XMI import and export.

In my view, the current version clearly is still a beta version (if not alpha) despite the removed "beta" suffix. I especially miss the possibility to show complete method signatures (see above). Maybe there's a way I have overlooked?

I agree with Michael (user mickoz) that there should be a free community edition which can at least save projects. Printing would be great, too.

I'd very much welcome a public issue tracker so users can see which problems and features are being worked on. It's fine with me if you don't list _all_ actual issues in this tracker if you don't want to show them to the competition. :-)

What are your future plans for Poseidon for UML 8.x and when do you expect to implement which features?

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