Is it still beta or final

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Is it still beta or final

Postby moroff » Wed Mar 31, 2010 8:34 pm

I tried with the final of Poseidon 8.0 Community. There are a lot of things missing:
    * UML2 Profile Support (loading a profile into the model
    * The saved UML2 model is not readable with native uml2 tools
    * No online help

I cannot see why to pay for a subscription if it is still a beta or even a alpha version. Maybe the direction in development is ok, but not the pricing.

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Still missing features/usability

Postby kstephens » Tue Apr 20, 2010 2:01 am

* Cannot edit preferences.
* Align is always disabled.
* No way to enable/disable snapping-to-grid.
* Cannot remove Associations from diagrams using context menu.
* Association components (endpoint multiplicity and names) appear in confusing locations if the Association is mapped to multiple Diagrams.
* Association component visibility is "Show All" or "Hide All" in the context menu and cannot be set by the "Eyeball" pulldown at the top. Often the Association name is less important than its Multiplicities, it would be nice hide some Association UI elements.
* Difficult to instantiate Associations not already visible in the current Diagram.
* Rendering of Note during editing its text sometimes renders incorrectly.

Ideas for improvement:

* Association endpoint Multiplicity and name widgets should always be "push" away from the interior of the Classifier widget containing its Property. It's annoying to see them "lost" in the Classifier widget when reorganizing. Have it move along the vector of the Association line away from the Classifier if they overlap.
* Default Association names contain the Class names of both endpoints.
* Stroke and Fill Color and documentation in the Object/Attribute browser (even if they are not true UML metamodel Properties).
* Set a default stroke and fill color for new Elements.
* Bring back the ability to add arbitrary documentation lines, curves, boxes, etc.
* Support Jython scripting and a shell, so users can customize/program some activities.
* Support more keyboard navigation and action shortcuts.

There's some "nice" UI changes in 8.0 but, after being a paying Poseidon customer for almost 8 years, I'm surprised to see it take a step backwards in usability and features.
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