C++ Code Generation

C++ Code Generation

Postby pedz@easesoftware.com » Fri May 05, 2006 8:35 pm


I'm attempting to dive off and figure out a way to get state and activity diagrams to generate some sort of C++ code. I guess my first question is to verify that currently they do not. If that is not the case, please stop me now and point me to how they can generate code.

I'm going to start by reading the first part of the UML infrastructure document and I will have the UML Superstructure document close at hand. I am just assuming that that will be necessary.

I have the poseidon3-openapi UMLDoc. I saw a note that said that it is not up to date for Poseidon 4.1. If there is a more recent version, that will surely help me.

I've found the lib/template code. Not much there but its a start. I'm worried because that code looks like it is for Java code generation. Is the existing C++ code generation templates in a form I can view and add on to?

The documentation for Velocity is easy to find.

I also have found the PoseidonCodeGenFrameWork.html in the docs directory. There is mention of a plug-in install guide that I have not found. And, I've noticed a note in this forum to a doc that I have not viewed yet.

It would be super if a directory could be made or a tar file that contains all these documents and whatever sample code is available in one place. I'm not sure I'm starting with all that is already available to me.

I hope to study hard and maybe have better and deeper questions in a few days. I tried Poseidon last week and moved on to another program but I'm back to Poseidon because it appears to be more hopeful at doing what I am wanting to do -- I just need to figure out how...

Thank you very much... Poseidon looks very interesting at this point.
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